Why vintage cars?



It is about the opportunity to travelin time,and to live again thosemoments and feelings through these beautiful machines that were an important part of the last century.


It is about the possibility of   sharing with family or friends the experience of discovering Havana from a unique perspective.  To pretend being a part of the past,  whilerecording it inphotos and videos.

Comfort and Elegance

Classic and antique are synonyms with elegance and comfort. Beautiful luxurious cars, with beautiful curves and personality.  Spacious cars to accommodate many passengers, with large panoramic windows and an ideal height for enjoying the ride. Equipped with excellent air conditioning systems to deal with high Caribbean temperatures, as well as experienced drivers in charge of renovated and modernized mechanics, designed to provide the utmost safety.



Nidialys Acosta Cabrera

+53 (7) 641 4053

+53 (5) 295 3842


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