NostalgiCar Garage

At the beginning, we restored cars at home, so wife Nidialys was not very happy about dirty parts all over our porch and living room. In January 2015 we opened our garage on Boyeros Avenue, in a workshop rented from the Ministry of Transport, where we currently provide restoration services for other car enthusiasts.

Finally, in December 2019 we opened our current NostalgiCar Garage on our own plot of land in Arroyo Naranjo neighborhood. This is also our head office, from where we handle reservations, commercial, marketing, accounts. The garage is decorated '50s style, with classic fuel and air pumps, Chevrolet signs and even a car-themed shower curtain.

Julio spends most of his time at the garage, working on the cars with his own hands and tools, or directing our team of experienced mechanics.

This is also where we get together for celebrating special occasions, and where we have a (well deserved) drink (or two) after a day of really hard work.

Finishing a new car project is always a memorable moment, which we turn into a big party. Otherwise, there is always something breaking, maintenance due, car washing.

Besides touring Havana and other destinations of Cuba in our cars, a visit to our garage is also an important part of our NostalgiCar Experience. Come enjoy the action here, while we return our American classics to their original splendor. Look under the hood, pose behind the wheel and enjoy Julio’s stories (spoiler alert: they are not just about Chevys from the ‘50s).


It all started at home

Workshop in Boyeros, where NostalgiCar grew stronger


Our own garage

Let’s go for a ride!

We are Julio & Nidialys. We own and operate NostalgiCar Tours & Garage. We have a fleet of beautifully restored vintage American cars from the 1950s. We drive visitors from around the world on tours and transfers around Havana and other Cuban destinations, on a unique people-to-people experience.

We combine our passion for classic cars with our love for our country Cuba.

Come ride with us while we tell you our story about building such a business in Cuba. You can also experience the action at our garage, where we return our American classics to their original splendor.