Her name is Duffy, and she’s our faithful everyday companion.
Early in 2017, during a visit to San Antonio de los Baños, Julio and his friend Alejandro saw her for the first time, and she looked scary. When she first arrived at the garage, she was so ugly that we all wanted to return her, and only Julio could picture in his head how she would look after restoration. No one could image that a truck with no doors, no rear bumpers and a wooden bed would become the vehicle she is today.

Her restoration was fast

We needed a vehicle for our daily transportation, as all our cars were busy with tourists and we couldn’t use them for our commuting. Despite her bad shape, Duffy was restored in just 3 months thanks to hard work by Maykel, Juan (El Ruso) and Alberto. The budget was also small, as this was not going to be used for our business, so most parts were built from scratch by our mechanics and body work specialists, without spending much in imported parts.


She’s a head-turner for both Cubans and visitors alike. She looks like a toy car, but being so strong made her very useful, be it for a photo shoot in a rural wedding or carrying heavy equipment for the workshop. Duffy’s a champion, no doubts.

Pickup (1938)
ZMZ 53 , 4254cc V8
Steering and suspension
Chevrolet Manual
Air conditioning

Gallery Before

Gallery After

Let’s go for a ride!

We are Julio & Nidialys. We own and operate NostalgiCar Tours & Garage. We have a fleet of beautifully restored vintage American cars from the 1950s. We drive visitors from around the world on tours and transfers around Havana and other Cuban destinations, on a unique people-to-people experience.

We combine our passion for classic cars with our love for our country Cuba.

Come ride with us while we tell you our story about building such a business in Cuba. You can also experience the action at our garage, where we return our American classics to their original splendor.