Besides our cars and garage being featured in films, documentaries and musical video clips, there have been numerous articles and videos in the international media covering our story. Special attention, of course, was received during the Obama US presidency years, when countless personalities travelled to Cuba on official and people-to-people trips.

These are the most relevant articles we’ve found, with links to the original source.

Let’s go for a ride!

We are Julio & Nidialys. We own and operate NostalgiCar Tours & Garage. We have a fleet of beautifully restored vintage American cars from the 1950s. We drive visitors from around the world on tours and transfers around Havana and other Cuban destinations, on a unique people-to-people experience.

We combine our passion for classic cars with our love for our country Cuba.

Come ride with us while we tell you our story about building such a business in Cuba. You can also experience the action at our garage, where we return our American classics to their original splendor.